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SMP Services


Scalp Line offers an extensive range of scalp micropigmentation (SMP) services in Hull, each carried out with great attention to detail and according to the highest standards, to deliver lasting natural-looking results. We pride ourselves on offering my SMP treatments at some of the most affordable, cost-effective rates in the industry, and always tailor every quote and treatment plan to suit your requirements.


We specialise in working with men and women looking to cover scars, the effects of general hair loss, alopecia, and more, as well as those looking for simple touch-up treatments. We are fully certified and offer an extensive two-year quality guarantee on all my work. Read more about SMP below, or get in touch today on 07895 798951 or at to see how we can tailor a personalised treatment plan that suits you.

Smp treatment

What is Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp micropigmentation is a sophisticated non-surgical treatment that permanently disguises the effects of hair loss. The procedure is designed to replicate the appearance of a shaved head and offers the ideal solution for men and women suffering from alopecia and all other types of hair loss, as well as head scars. SMP is relatively painless and is always carried out according to your unique specifications.

SMP treatments are performed by qualified practitioners using specially designed micro-needles and other equipment to deposit pigment into the epidermal layers of the scalp. These pigments are selected to ensure they match the skin and existing hair and are seamlessly blended into the existing hair to create a natural result.

How Does Scalp Micropigmentation Work?

SMP treatments involve injecting small dots of natural pigment into the second dermal skin layer of the scalp, either in certain sections or across the entire scalp, using a specialised needle. Each dot is carefully placed according to the natural direction and density of your existing follicles, creating the illusion of thickness and restoring fading hairlines and profiles. 

These dots are layered over several sessions, gradually increasing the density until the ideal thickness is achieved. The length and number of sessions will depend on your unique needs and will be determined by your practitioner during your initial consultation. After each session, you will be required to keep your head dry for around five days while the pigments settle and the skin heals.

Smp treatment
Smp treatment

What Does Scalp Micropigmentation Do?

Whether used all over your scalp or on specific areas, SMP can have a wide variety of positive effects for clients, including:


  • Simulate the look of a close-shaved head

  • Create a more modern, youthful look that allows for more flexibility in hairstyling

  • Recreates hairlines

  • Covers the effects and symptoms of all types of alopecia

  • Covers birthmarks, burns, and scars resulting from injury, surgery, or hair transplants

  • Increase the effectiveness of hair transplants

To discuss your unique needs and find out more about how our SMP treatments can help you, get in touch today.

Who Can Undergo This Treatment?

SMP treatments are suitable for anyone suffering from any type of hair loss, or anyone looking to cover up unsightly scars and birthmarks. Since the establishment of Scalp Line, we have helped several men and women by providing them with bespoke SMP treatments to combat a range of issues, including:

  • Male Pattern Baldness

  • Receding Hairlines

  • Crown Balding

  • Women’s Hair Loss

  • All Types of Alopecia

  • Covering Up Scars and Birthmarks

  • Increasing the Density of Thin Hair

  • Enhancing the Effects of Hair Transplants

Regardless of your situation, we will discuss your eligibility for these SMP treatments with you during your consultation and will determine the appropriate treatment options available to you.

Smp treatment